Promotional Models

Pretty in Pink Management has an extensive and diverse pool of promotional models. Our models are competent and determined to give their 100% on the job. We believe that promotional models have a massive responsibility on their shoulders as they are the face of your brand. We ensure to train them impeccably to deliver their best and bring more exposure to your brand. Our models know how to dress to impress while upholding their facade as professional models. Pretty in Pink Management’s team have power over their attentiveness, verbal communication skills and confidence as well. Our strategy is to familiarize the models with the client’s promotional needs along with all the essential details first and then utilize their professional experience to persuade your target customers into buying your services/ products

Brand Ambassadors

Finding a brand ambassador who can promote your brand is a tricky and nerve-wracking job. While you are busy with the other day to day business of your brand, let us handle the promotional side of things! Pretty in Pink Management’s brand ambassador team has eyes for perfection as a little less than perfection is not their mantra. They take note of all the client’s needs to deliver excellence.

Our brand ambassadors are experts in uplifting the brand on social media and attracting consumer sales. Pretty in Pink Management’s resilient and buoyant team will act as the face of your brand and represent your brand as their own. We believe in creating a professional relationship with our clients to ensure your needs are met. Our team will provide you skilled, determined and passionate staff that will give your brand a professional look.

Experiential Marketing

If your brand is looking to interact with their consumers on a personal level and develop a connection, it is best to adopt experiential marketing. Product launches, trade shows and other corporate events can be hectic to organize individually. It is best to employ a team to help you with organizing. Pretty in Pink Management’s team is well versed in creating a bond between the brand and its consumers.

Your brand is more than just a product or logo; it must create a practical and emotional experience for members of your target market so they can eventually become your loyal customer. Pretty in Pink Management’s team is professional in establishing a meaningful relationship between the consumers and brand through their experiential marketing techniques. Our team is expert in executing exclusive guerrilla campaigns, roadshows, trade shows and brand activations

Pretty in Pink Management’s team is competent, confident and obsessed with perfection. We know how to deal with consumers and our upright communication style is sufficient to lure the customer into buying your service/product. Get your brand a unique position in the market and attract a vast range of customers through our team’s experiential marketing skills.

Event Staffing

A perfectly executed event requires a skilled team who knows their job. If you are looking for someone to greet your guests in your event while you are busy with other tasks, then Pretty is Pink Management’s staff can cater to your needs. Our creative team breathes life into the event and creates a memorable experience so there is the added wow factor for your nest event!

Our team works with our clients so that they can recruit the best talent for all kinds of event. As an event staffing organisation, we promise to work tirelessly to provide our client with the best event experience.

Our diverse pool of the staff ensures a considerable variety of aesthetic appeals and looks. They know how to present themselves to the world and their easy-going personality entertains the guests throughout the event. Pretty in Pink Management is a one-stop solution for all your staffing needs.